Chemical Pumps

Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd offers a qualitative assortment of Chemical Pumps in variety of designs. Chemical Pumps made from materials of constructions like PP, UHMWPE, Teflon, SS etc and also with FRP coating if required. Our chemical pumps can handle aggressive media including slurries and we can offer a pump for a media having high temperature.

Vertical Chemical Pumps can be offered which has found its usage in battery manufacturing industries. Allocate the appropriate amount of chemicals for your process every time with a chemical processing pumps.

Mieco Pumps  and Generators Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Chemical Dosing Pumps, Chemical Processing Pumps and even Seal-less Magnetic Chemical Pumps from less than ¼ hp to customized industrial and commercial applications. Magnetic Chemical pumps require a very low transfer at a very small head and these pumps can be used in laboratories and many other industries.are widely used in laboratories and many other industries which require low transfer at a very small head.