DC Motors

DC-MotorsMieco pumps provides DC Motors which is made up of electrical machines that converts into mechanical power from electrical power. DC motors have some special mechanism that the electronic or microelectronic that changes periodically in the direction of the current flow in part of the motor. A linear motor produces rotary motion and force in a straight line.

DC motors are widely used in everywhere. These will be powered from existing direct-current distribution systems in lightening power. A DC motor speed can be measured over a wide range by using either a variable supplying of voltage or by changing the current strengh of its field windings. Mini DC motors are used in tools, toys and appliances. Light weight motors are used in portable power tools and appliances and it is a universal motor which can be operated on direct current. Usually in the velocity of electrical vehicles, hoists and elevator or in drives in steel rolling mills we use large DC motors .

Simple DC motors will be having a stationary set of magnets with insulated wire wrapped around a iron core that contemplates the magnetic field.