Electric motors

Electric Motors – Mieco Pumps and generators in Bangalore offers specially designed products for Electric Motors and its parts. We are Best Pump Manufactures in Bangalore. We provide pumps at reasonable rates and is used as a driving force and perform greatest applications and Best Pump Manufactures in Bangalore. It is made as per the industry principles and specifications in order to meet with their requirements. It is made by using best quality of material and is efficient and effective in performance.

Electric Motors

Electric Motors Electric motors are the driving force behind every equipment, and hence it has to be the most reliable as well as rugged, so that they may be used for continuous duty applications. Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt. Ltd Bangalore have a host of collections in electric motors,and also Standard Motors,  flange motors, brake motors, extended shaft motors, vertical motors, geared motors, Foot cum flange motors, crane duty motors, fractional hp motors, flame proof motors,  Energy Efficient Motors, dual speed motors,  and special duty motors with HP as no bar.

Electric Motors are widely used in computers and now there are probably two in your computer for starters, one rotating your hard drive around and another one powering the cooling fan..These electric motors are suitable for a variety of industrial, domestic, agricultural and other general principle applications.

If you're sitting in a guest room, you'll find motors in hair dryers and many playthings; in the bathroom, they're in concentration fans, and electric shavers; in kitchen, motors are in just about every appliance from clothes washing machines and dishwashers to coffee grinders, microwave ovens, and electric can openers. Electric motors have proven themselves to be among the greatest designs of all time.

Most of our motors are ISO and CE certified, and can be available in CI or Aluminum Body. Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt. Ltd Bangalore have been supplying motors to  Government Departments,Defense Establishments, top rated MNC’s, Railways as well as many OEM’s for their machines.Best electric motors are in available Mieco Pumps.

Every day at mieco is a new opportunity to cooperate with the best minds in the country, to develop solutions that make difference to millions of people.our philosophy is to satisfy customers to the best of our ability by providing them with creative and competitive solutions.