Magnetic Driven Pumps and stainless Steel Pumps

Magnetic Driven Pumps and Stainless steel Pumps are available in Mieco Pumps, they provide best pumps in Bangalore.

Leading suppliers and manufacturer of magnetic drive pumps in Bangalore for the refrigeration, pulp and paper pharmaceutical, chemical process, water treatment, and biodiesel production industries.

Magnetic Pumps:

Magnetic PumpsWe have for our clients our magnetic pumps that are based on state-of-the-art technology. These pumps are safe and durable in construction. These pumps have a magnetic coupling that consist of two magnet assemblies. One is the outer assembly and the other is the inner assembly. The outer assembly is connected to a motor and the inner assembly is directly attached to a pump impeller.

Magnetic driven pumps are used in industrial, agricultural, municipal and other markets that needed the transfer of clean, low viscous fluids with no solids content. They are best for industrial, agricultural, or municipal applications that require the pumping of clean, low viscous fluids.

Stainless Steel Pumps:

stainless Steel Pumps Supplier & Manufacturer of stainless Steel Pumps. Our product range also comprises of Industrial Pump, Cleaning Machines and Electric Motors.

The design of the stainless steel pump casing, volute and impeller is a transfer of technology from a leading Italian pump consultant. Our stainless steel pumps have lightweight and have high strength stainless steel sheets which are manufactured by a special bulge forming process to obtain components like pump casting, impeller, back plate, etc. We also manufacture hygiene milk pumps.

We supply a good quality of stainless steel submersible sewage & dewatering pumps in different range, features and models. We are the trusted specialists in Manufacturing and supplying of stainless steel pumps in Bangalore.our pumps offer superior corrosion resistance, strong and long life in the applications where aggressive liquids are being pumped.

Mieco Pumps and Generators Bangalore gives the best Magnetic Driven Pumps and Stainless steel Pumps.