Process Pumps

Process Pumps is available in Bangalore including chemical process pumps, food processing pumps, gear pumps and oil pumps.

Mieco is one of the best and leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of many different chemical process pumps. These process pumps are manufactured in various materials of constructions like PP, UHMWPE, Teflon, SS etc. with also FRP coating if required. 

Gear Pumps Oil Pumps

Gear Pumps are essential for pumping solutions for viscous liquids (upto 1,00,000 SSU) with high pressure. These Pumps are available in SS and CI material of construction that to be with or without flange ends. Gear Pumps can be used for pumping solutions of liquids with high temperature and that can be provided with steam jacketing arrangement.  This is most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid for power applications and used where liquids are having implicit lubricating property.

This is because of pump reliability, simplicity and a very high power ratings. These types of  pumps are more suitable for pumping system of all types of oils, priniting ink, latex, starch, bitumen, glycerin, liquor,soaps, grease, Molasses, coal tar, dyes, Bleaches, Vinegar, glues, petroleum products and etc.  Gear Pumps includes both internal and external pumps.

External Gear Pumps are widely used where low pressure is desired and Internal Gear Pumps are also more useful where higher pressure are desired. Internal gear pumps perform better compare to a external gear pumps this is because of lower speeds and with higher viscosity fluids. Gear Pumps are mainly used for oil fire or hydraulic services.

Apart from this special gear pumps are available for pumping of Molasses and those pumps are well suited for all Distilleries and sugar factory applications.

Chemical Processing Pumps & Food Processing Pumps

Mieco Pumps Bangalore offers high quality chemical pumps with materials of constructions like PP, Teflon, UHMWPE, SS etc with FRP coating. Our range of chemical pumps can handle aggressive media like slurries. We can also offer a pump ing solution for media having high temperature. Vertical Chemical Pumps are offered which has found its own usage in battery manufacturing industries.

Mieco Pumps Bangalore offers wide range of Chemical Dosing Pumps, even for Seal-less magnetic chemical Pumps from less than ¼ hp for customized applications. Magnetic Chemical pump are widely used in many other industries and in laboratories, which requires low transfer flow rate at a very small head.

Food Processing Pumps comprising mainly of SS 316 Pumps or any customized metal are available in various types depending on applications, like transfer of creams, edible oils, Dosa Batter etc. These SS pumps are also used in Pharmaceuticals companies, Hotels, Laboratories, Hospitals for pumping of Clean water, DM Water etc.